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Frequent loss of synch, especially after 9pm (Resolved)


Frequent loss of synch, especially after 9pm (Resolved)


I thought I better leave some feedback about my problem and what the cause was in case it helps someone else.

Ever since my connection got upgraded from 512kb to 2mb I started getting very frequent drop outs in my connectivity.

These drop outs were completely random, but they almost always happened at night...after 9 pm. During the day my connection was PERFECT!

My ADSL Modem/Router was a Netgear DG814 with the latest firmware.

This was the cause of the problem! Like I said, the router worked fine during the day. It worked fine at a friend's house(even after 9pm). It just didn't work properly at my house.

There were no environmental causes for the ADSL synch losses. A BT engineer had also visited and confirmed my line was fine. My SNR and Loop Attenuation values were well within specs and the whoosh test and other tests that he did, all checked out. Ofcourse he did this during the day and from both the main phone socket as well as from my current setup.

I saw some posts on the net about netgear routers being more noisy/sensitive on the internet and as I was already looking to purchase a combined WLAN/ADSL/Router modem anyway, I made the decision to go and purchase a Draytek 2600VG.

*I havent had a single loss of synch since the new router got installed.*

So in conclusion, if you are having ADSL synch losses, I highly recommend you get yourself a new router.(the Draytek's are great btw)



Frequent loss of synch, especially after 9pm (Resolved)

Hi there,

This is very interesting. I have been working with Simon (pr100), Plus net and netgear on a very similar problem, this time with a Netgear 824 router. this refers

In this case it was proved that the 824 added 9-12db to the end users, line thus rendering it unsuitable for a 2mb connection. The 824 was released prior to the availability of 2mb products. Netgear provided a new DG834G router for test purposes and today following tests the connection now appears stable with a significant drop in snr.

So I would tend to agree that the older netgear routers may be having issues with lines which are 10 - 12 db close to the 2mb limits.

The newer products do not exhibit these symptoms.

Frequent loss of synch, especially after 9pm (Resolved)

Nice to see you resolved your problem and excellent choice on the make of router you went for (Draytek). They are expensive but I have found them to be operationally flawless and well worth the money.

Frequent loss of synch, especially after 9pm (Resolved)

I would also recommend Zyxel routers. Never have any problems with mine, and it does get a wide variety of use, torrents, gaming, vpn's, voip etc. I bought an Asus originally but that fell over constantly with connection heavy programs (p2p), The Zyxel is as stable as a table! Smiley

Frequent loss of synch, especially after 9pm (Resolved)

I was getting 2 to 3 drops a day with a Belkin installed a Zyxel a week ago and not one drop since.

So I can second that.

I do wish there was some sort of league table somewhere for router stability, most reviews don't really look at reliability.