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Frequent connection drops please help


Frequent connection drops please help

Ever since my upgrade to 2Mb/s I keep getting frequent connection drops even though the connection is in sync. I was recently upgraded to MaxDSL and my connection is now 2.4Mb/s and the connection is even less reliable.

My line stats are very poor according to my 3com router.

Data Rate
Stream Type Actual Data Rate
Up Stream 448 (Kbps.)
Down Stream 3360 (Kbps.)

Operation Data
Operation Data Upstream Downstream
Noise Margin 21 dB 3 dB
Attenuation 60 dB 50 dB

Sometimes the Downstream SNR is as low as 0db.

I had no problems at all when my connection speed was 512Kb/s.

Connecting to the BT master socket directly make no difference to the line stats. I have also tried 3 new filters.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks, Mark.

Frequent connection drops please help

If you've just been upgraded then this is normal. If after 10 days it continues then raise the fault with PN.

Can I ask what times you are experiencing cut offs? All hours, or at peak times?

Frequent connection drops please help

It has been sixteen days since my upgrade. The connection drops can happen anytime during the day and seem worse in the evening.

The problem started when my connection was upgraded from 512k to 2Mb. Being upgraded to MaxDSl has made things even worse now.

Will have to raise a ticket with PlusNet again concerning the problems. I raised a ticket a few weeks ago and was told that there was not a problem with my connection.

I have no idea on why my line stats are so poor, the attenuation is very high at 60db and I was reading on another site that I should only be getting a 512k connection.

Thanks, Mark.

Frequent connection drops please help

Well maybe you should request to be downgraded back to 1mbit or 512k?

I've sent 3 ticket replies since my last reply from Plusnets end.
I kinda find it funny they refuse to reply to it because the last stated I need to get back intouch with them ASAP before BT close the matter.
So now BT will close the problem, i'll bring it back up and go from square one.

If you want me to be perfectly honest, migrate and start fresh. It seems way too much effort for PN to do anything lately.

Before you do that though, ring support and keep hitting zero, you should get put through to someone with brains with a little luck...

Frequent connection drops please help

Yes migration seems to be the best idea at the moment. I may consider going cable as they offer an unlimited 2 Meg connection with phone line and would save me around £7 a month. I have a friend who lives locally on cable and the conection never drops and keeps to a consistent speed.

I could never return to a really slow connection and migrating to another ISP through the BT network may still give me the poor connection.

Thanks, Mark.
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Frequent connection drops please help

In my opinion if you migrate, you are very likely to take your connection issues with you as they are nothing to do with PN so if you do, choose one with excellent customer service.

Alternatively, If you are suffering from disconnections as a result of loss of syncronisation or on a long line, or both, raise a ticket stating to raise your Target Signal to Noise Ratio. This will lower your speed slighly but stablise your connection. You'll probably still get faster than what u were on too..

This worked a treat for one of my referals.