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Free Speed Upgrades Automation!! + Product Changes

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Free Speed Upgrades Automation!! + Product Changes

Morning All,

To help answer some frequently asked questions and to update you on the bulk speed upgrade programme we've compliled a fact list below.

These apply to the Free Regrades only on residential accounts. The procedure for requesting a paid regrade remains the same.

Update: Some additional information regarding the product changes is also now included below.

What Will Happen When My Line Is Regraded?

Customers whose lines are due to be regraded will receive an email from us a few days before the regrade is due to take place.

About a week later you will receive another email that will advise you whether or not your regrade has been successful.

Assuming it has, a quick reboot of your equipment should see you connected at the higher speed.

Some upgrades to 2Mbps may fail, most commonly because the line is of insufficient quality to support the higher speed. In the majority of these cases, there is unfortunately little we can do to influence the outcome.

What About Those Of Us Who Have Already Been Regraded?

Some customers will have had their free speed regrade but not yet contacted support or are on an older product such as ADSL Home or Home Surf.

As of today we will be lifting the restrictions on all of these accounts. This means that if your line has been regraded, you can benefit from the increased speeds right now.

If you know your line has been upgraded already just reboot your equipment including your router if you have one.

We will be emailing these customers as well so they can take advantage of the faster speeds.

Other customers will have already noticed their equipment connecting at a higher speed and called support. In most cases their account would have been changed to enable the faster speeds. These customers can continue using the service as they have been, although they may still receive the email notifying them that they have had their free regrade.


1) How do I know if my exchange has been upgraded?

You will either see your connection synch at a faster speed, or as a rough guide You could visit and enter the telephone number of the line where you have broadband installed then click ‘Upgrade Information’. Some exchanges need several upgrades so this is a rough guide only.

2) My exchange has been upgraded but I haven't received an email or my line speed hasn't increased?

Not all customers whose orders fail will receive an email. Some customers will not have an order placed at all due to failing BT Wholesales' initial line checks. These customers will not be emailed. Customers who have recently migrated should read below.

3) What if I have recently migrated in from another ISP?

If you were not included in our original bulk upgrade order to BT Wholesale you will remain on your current line speed unless you choose to pay to upgrade straight away. However we will be submitting more orders to BT Wholesale over the next few months to catch any customers who missed the first time round.

4) Will this apply to business and Teleworker customers?

No. We are currently working on the Business and Teleworker product upgrades which will be announced separately soon.

5) Will this have a negative impact on the network?

We are confident there is ample capacity to handle the increase in usage and do not expect impact on the customer experience.

6) Will the portal speed control still be developed?

Customer feedback suggests that the demand for this tool is not paramount at the moment.

7) I have had my speed increased but my connection keeps dropping/is unreliable. What can I do?

You should report a fault via our normal support channels. In the event that we raise this to BT Wholesale, they will see that the line has undergone a recent re-grade and if the circumstances support a failed re-grade then they can revert back to the original line speed free of charge.

Cool How can I make the most of the new line-speed?

There are methods of optimising the configuration of your line to get the most out of the new increased speeds. Take a look at for advice on how to tweak MTU and RWIN settings to improve the performance of your line.
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Big savings and free regrades for Premier 1MB & 2MB cust

Big savings and free regrades for Premier 1MB & 2MB customers

Good news for residential Broadband customers! PlusNet's new £21.99 Up-to-2MB Premier Broadband product gives all existing residential Premier customers the same features and functionality as the old Premier 1Mb (£29.99) and Premier 2Mb (£39.99) accounts - and, what's more, PlusNet are giving one-time-only free regrades to the new tariff.

So now you don't have to look around for cheaper high-speed Broadband because it's right here, right now and all you need to do is raise a ticket at here to save £££s!

You will alternatively have the option of maintaining your current subscription level to be at the front of the queue when (and if) the new 4MB and 8MB speeds are possible on your line following BT exchange upgrades scheduled for this Autumn. However, these new Premier Up-to-4MB (£29.99) and Premier Up-to-8MB (£39.99) products do not come with any guarantee that your exchange will be upgraded or that your line will support the higher speeds.

If you choose the new £21.99 Up-to-2MB tariff now, you will still be able to upgrade to 4MB or 8MB in the future, once you know that your line can support the new speeds, by paying a £14.99 upgrade fee at the time.

Be sure to check out PlusNet's other new products too! Broadband Plus offers the fastest possible speed with no restrictions for regular surfing, email, chatting and shopping from only £14.99 a month while Broadband Pay As You Go is the ultimate superfast highway for light to moderate users who prefer to pay only for what they need - starting at just £14.99 a month inclusive of 1GB of data transfer.