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Free Domain Name - Registration Details

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Free Domain Name - Registration Details

I'm not sure if these are silly questions, or have been asked before in another thread, apologies if they have...

1) On the Registration form it says "Please enter the name of the legal registrant of the domain. Warning: Please check this information carefully, as it is very difficult to change it once submitted". The "Admin contact email:" is then If I intend to black-hole the postmaster@ address once the facility becomes available, and it's hard to change the details, can I just use something@newdomain as the contact instead or is this a catch-22?

2) If I say "no" for "Display Address on Whois lookup" - will the contact e-mail be hidden? Surely, whois detail lookups are a ripe method for spam-harvesting?

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Free Domain Name - Registration Details

Not to sure about email addresses getting harvested from whois lookups. I've never hidden my details on whois, and always use one email address just for domain registrations for the reason of them getting harvested, but I have around 80 domains registered and that mail box is one of the only ones that doesn't get spammed.

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Free Domain Name - Registration Details

I'd use a email address for your registration, that way if something breaks you'll still get notified. If you get a choice of what appears in whois you might set the public email to something different.

For what it's worth I've had some spam aimed at an address that was used in whois but I'm not convinced it was deliberate, most likely the address also appeared somewhere else as later records seem to have been left alone.
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Free Domain Name - Registration Details

I had precisely this problem and elected to go with a mailbox on the new domain as a contact e-mail address.

As you say, giving an address that's about to be switched off seems rather pointless.
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Free Domain Name - Registration Details

I've used several adresses on registrations over the years, and while those used to register domains have had fewer problems, the ones used for com/net have been heavily spammed. With the com/net names I think its partly whois, but I think it also depends on the registrar. When the name is first registered it is parked and (with my registrar at least, in the past) attempts to access the new name bring up a "no site yet on this domain" or something similar, with the email used to register it as a contact. Some older shared hosting would do the same, with the registered admin contact appearing on 403/404 pages (was the default on Apache installs), although I think this is now largely switched off.

These days I just keep a yahoo account, checked daily via pop3 and used only for registrations, dumping anything that doesn't come from the registrar or the domain authority.