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Forums, Moderators and Other Groups FAQ


Forums, Moderators and Other Groups FAQ


Who moderates this forum?
The forums are moderated by 3 different customers: csogilvie, cyteck and slevgb

Why don't PlusNet look after the forum themselves?
Using customers for the day to day management of the forums frees up PlusNet staff for dealing with support issues and other business related activities.

How can I distinguish the difference between moderators, PlusNet staff and other users?
All moderators show the words Forum Moderator or Moderating Administrator on the left hand side near their name and Avatar. PlusNet staff and other specially ranked members also show their rank. Normal users show no rank.

Who chose the moderators?
The moderators (csogilvie, cyteck and slevgb ) where chosen by PlusNet.

What is the role of the moderators?
The moderators are here to help in the day to day running of the forums and to ensure that everyone works inside the link:forum guidelines.

Are the PlusNet / F9 / Free-Online forums moderated by the same people?
Some of the moderators cross over to f9 and Free-Online, and more recently cyteck and slevgb have been recruited exclusively to moderator f9 and free-online.

What is the difference between a moderator and moderating administrator?
A moderating administrator is really just a name given to those moderators who also have admin rights over the forums. Admin rights are granted by PlusNet to allow a moderator access to manage the swear filter and suspend or manage permissions of users, amongst other things.

Do all moderators have admin rights?
As new moderators come on board, the existing moderators and PlusNet will decide upon when to grant these extra access rights.

How much do they get paid?
The moderators are not paid by PlusNet and volunteer their time freely. They do not get any special insight into what PlusNet are doing or when your ticket is going to be answered.

Why hasn't a moderator answered my forum post?
The forum moderators, like all other customers are free to answer or help with any questions. If they do not answer your post then they do not know the answer. Remember the moderators are just customers like you. If you have a support query for PlusNet only you should raise it in the Contact Us system or by phone.

Why has a moderator altered / deleted my post?
Any change a moderator makes will be to keep a post inline with the forum guidelines, or fix a coding problem with a post. Any change should be identified by either a note on the post or by private message. See the link:forum guidelines for more information.

What do I do if I have a complaint about a moderator or one of their posts?
You should raise this via link:Contact Us to PlusNet for the attention of the "Comms Team". Do not raise issues like this directly in the forums, this can be considered a personal attack and may result in actions against you.

What if Ive got a query about a moderator's actions?
Send a PM to the moderator in the first instance. Do not post in an existing thread as it may take it off topic and distract from the original poster's intent.

What do I do if I've got a complaint about another forum user or a post by another user?
Raise it by Private Message to one of the moderators who will look into it for you. Do not raise issues like this directly in the forums, this can be considered a personal attack and may result in actions against you.

Other Groups

What is the Usergroup?
The PlusNet usergroup are a group of users who PlusNet and customers can consult with regards to problems, new products and services. More information can be found here -

Does the usergroup have 'special powers' on the forums?
No, usergroup members do not have extra powers on the forums and they do not have to identify themselves as such, although they are free to do so. Some of the usergroup members are drawn from the moderators or tutorials team in which case they do have the associated rights for that role.

What is the Tutorials Team?
The Tutorials Team are a group of customers who write and administrate tutorials in the forums and over on

why do they show as moderators in the Who is Online area of the forums?
Because they have moderator rights in the Tutorials area of the forum they automatically appear orange. This is a limitation of the software and can not be changed.

What if I have a complaint about a Tutorials Team Member?
This should be raised in the same way as a problem with any other customer - via the moderators. The tutorials Team are just customers like you, their rank relates to the fact that they write tutorials.

What If I have a complaint or spot something wrong in a tutorial?
Where possible this should be raised with the author of the tutorial, failing that with any other member of the tutorial team.

How do I join the team?
The tutorials Team are always looking for people who can write new tutorials and help maintain existing tutorials. If your interested then please contact of the tutorial team, and they will be happy to discuss this matter further.

Can I write a Tutorial without joining the team?
Yes you can. You can write a tutorial and you will be credited as the author. The Tutorials team will proof read and amend where needed and applying the required formatting. Please contact one of the team for more advice.

What is Usertools?

UserTools ( is a repository for utilities and applications developed by customers, for customers. If you would like to be involved or find out more visit the usertools site for more information.

Written by Chris(fa55dsl), with advice and assistance from the Tutorial Team and Forum Moderators.