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Forum Thread Update Email Notification


Forum Thread Update Email Notification

I have seen a few posts regarding email notification, but I haven't found exactly what I want:

I assume that when I request email notification when someone replies to my post, an email is sent to the email address that is displayed in my account details (when someone does reply).

I have a Hotmail account and there is some junk/spam filtering on it. I have never received ANY notifications on any posts. Sad What address or domain do I need to let through?

When I receive ISP related emails I get them through Hotmail and my PlusNet account. Wouldn't it be simpler if email notification was sent to my PlusNet account?

Thanks Smiley
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Forum Thread Update Email Notification

The e-mail notifications are sent to whatever address you used to sign up to PlusNet with... however, if you want it changed, please feel free to PM myself or any other admin and we can change it for you. Smiley


Forum Thread Update Email Notification

Thanks Thomas Wink

I got it working now... I set up a filter to forward all emails with "" to my Inbox. Cheesy