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Forum Locking

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Forum Locking

This is an observation for the Force 9 web developers if a moderator could pass it on.

While logged in to the forum a few seconds ago I noticed the following;
I was reading a ‘F9 Service Update’, and when I closed the update I noticed the icon had lit up again to show a new message had been posted.

When I tried to click the icon my whole browser locked up and stopped responding.
I clicked the ‘Stop’ icon in the IE6 browser bar and immediately clicked another icon (Community Support) and the browser responded as normal.
Closing ‘Community support’ and clicking ‘Service Updates’ again open the forum and I could read the new message.

So from the above it seems that if someone is posting a message in the forum you are reading or trying to open, the web server stops sending the page data until the update is complete.

Could this be part of your problems and is this normal behaviour?
I throw it open to others wiser then me to comment.

Forum Locking

Shouldn't think so, although the Service Update isn't posted in the normal way that we post so it might have something to do with it.