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Force9's help


Force9's help

I'm having problems with force9 help.

I have a customer I recommended f9 to for bb. Connection date was in December, and there is still no connection. They raised a ticket but this was auto closed two days later, I don't think they understood all the test questions. I phone customer support telling them that there is no DSL light, the modem is plugged directly into the BT socket with faceplate removed (i.e. no extensions), the filter and modem have been changed, the filters and modems have been tested on working dsl line. I was told by the operative that radius servers have reported that the bb line has been used. I was then told an automated test would take two hours and I was to check the ticket after that time.

I checked 4, 8, 12, and 24hrs later .. no change. I therefore had to ring f9 again, I was told there was no sign from the radius servers that the line had been used, and a woosh test would be carried out. The end user uses f9 dial-up and the connection speed is poor. It is in a rural area ( North York moors). Looks like a BT fault to me.

How can I recommend after this ... nearly a month without service and poor help?

I would have prefered to add a comment to the open ticket , rather than call again (20min wait) but could not see a way to do this. Why is navigation to tickets not made more obvious.