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Force9 Support Sucks


Force9 Support Sucks

Decided to run a poll on how many users think that the current Force9 Support sucks, by current I mean within the past month.

Force9 Support Sucks

Sadly the days of F9 having the best support in the industry are well over. There appears to be a definite downward cycle in both straight talking (not that there ever really was any) and the staff that they seem to be recruiting. Don't get me wrong, there are some very helpful CSC agents, but there are others that shouldn't be allowed anywhere near customers. I wonder what the staff turnover rate is? Could it be like many other industries, in that they have already previously employed the "best of the bunch" who have left and are now relying on people they wouldn't have considered in the past? It happens!!


Force9 Support Sucks

Hi Mark,

Yes well it could just be bad management, high staff turnover, lack of skills many things. What is clear though is nothing is being done to fix the problems even if they are listening to thier customers.
I cant comment really on the previous support because I have not been a customer for long enough. From what I am reading on here fromt he long term customers such as yourself and Ivan are posting how the support has deteriorated.
I hope that this poll will show force9 that thier support at the moment is not acceptable and the majority of the users agree with me.

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Force9 Support Sucks

Honestly I've had a consitently good service with F9's support, on the rare times I have had to telephone, I've had my query sorted in under a minute.

Yes, it can sometimes seem slow with tickets, but its not a 1:1 service so I cant get support on demand!! (unless I offer bribes).

But generally speaking I am going to have to give customer support a thumbs up.

Force9 Support Sucks

I quite agree I have had no problems both on ticket and telephone support.

I think that as they say they are listening to and acting upon the current grumbles then all I can say to those is give them credit where it is due and let them act accordingly.

I have also got to give the customer support a thumbs up.

Force9 Support Sucks


NOP!! I am still extremely concerned by the way F9 PlusNet are treating their paying customers when it comes to support. As an ISP customer support is vital by phone first and foremost and yes! OK contact us secondly and thirdly help pages or help assistent.

**However, my main criticism of F9 is they still DONT LISTEN properly to paying customers needs, there are still far too many autocratic management desicions being made and implemented without the inclusion of asking customers views first. It seems F9 are slow to learn vital customer related lessons, sadly a learning that is critical to a successful business with happy or satisfied customers.

**F9 when your churn rate goes up I think you should start to be concerned, very concerned indeed.

**START LISTENING to your customers IMO this is the best thing you can do otherwise I dont think the future is going to be a good one.

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Force9 Support Sucks

I agree that they are still generally OK - although it has suffered a bit recently.

The only problem I've had was with VOIP and support clearly weren't up to speed.

I'd still give F9 a thumbs up.

regards, Ian

Force9 Support Sucks

thehudsons + orrery when was the last time you actually used thier support ?
I think the main problem is the current level of support i.e the past month and onwards.
I should have stated for the poll that I am refering to the current level of support.
Just changed the poll then it lost the pole so re added now got 2 instances so if your posting just use the ones which have been used so far to avoid confusion.
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Force9 Support Sucks

if your posting just use the ones which have been used so far to avoid confusion.

How do you do that exactly? You can't see what's been done until you've voted. Shockedops:
Democracy - 3 wolves and a lamb voting about what to have for lunch!

Force9 Support Sucks

Oh right I was going on what I see thankls for the heads up.
Vote for 1 or 3 or the 1st in each instance if thats makes more sense Smiley

Force9 Support Sucks

I've always been happy with support in the past (given that I'm tech savvy and never had to contact them for anything other than problems at their end)....

However my recent incident has completely changed my mind, I don't think any improvement in CS will ever help me forget what happened.

They would not listen or trust me when I contested that I had been promised an early upgrade to MAX, despite having been promised for a year that I'd be first in the queue. (as a customer paying 39.99 specifically to be at the head of the queue)

The issue only got resolved by complaining in the forums, if I hadn't posted here then even now I still would not have my MAX upgrade! I've only just recently got my automated email explaining that I will soon be upgraded.... (of course I already got my upgrade because it was done manually by someone who knows what he's doing, not by the CSC agents).... but it shows that the "system" still doesn't recognise that I was upgraded and so in theory I'm technically still in the queue waiting for the Bulk regrade tool to be fixed by BT......

All this wonderful service for 39.99 per month. And they never offered compensation for the balls up.

Force9 Support Sucks

Hello glasstower,

Frankly I'm NOT so upset or worried about myself in terms of technical support being atleast partly competant (MCSE) with computers etc. However, what does really concern me is for those users who might not be as experienced as us. For those people I do feel very concerned, its precisely these people who will be left swinging in the wind without any help at all.

**Yes! with any ISP there are two halfs to the story here, fine if I have a problem my end I'll just get on and sort it but there are times when problems are at the other end. So then you do need help from your providor either to just tell you what's happening & why & how soon it might get sorted out. Or from a competant support person who can help you sort your problem out by guiding you through the settings or configuration etc.

**Presumabley glasstower you never even got a verbal apologue!! from F9 for the screw up. Thats the thing that annoys me, its the fact that nobody at F9 even bothers to knowledge that a screw up even took place, let alone that it was their responsability to solve it or tell the customer. Its those kinds of little details that distinguishes the OK ISP from the truely wonderful ISP service.

**PS: Sorry! is such a simple word to say??


Force9 Support Sucks

Hi Ivan et al.

The levels and quality of support are clearly an area of concern for all of us.

The UserGroup are always interested in the views and opinions of customers across the PlusNet family.

It would be super to see some of the contributors to this thread on the UserGroup forums where your suggestions and ideas on what areas require improvement and any suggestions you might have to make things better would be very welcome.

By working together as one community we could be in a position to drive change and improvement to the entire service.

Hopefully you'll find the time to pay us a visit.

Force9 Support Sucks

Hello pcsni,

Yes! I'd love to help but I am NOT going too now because I feel totally cynical,& now totally turned off trying to help F9 PlusNet. I went to a meeting with F9 PlusNet last Xmas in Sheffield. You know frankly it was the biggest waste of my time ever, it was literally "the worst" meeting I've ever been too. I only remember it because it was so aweful. Otherwise I'd rather forget I wasted that day in my life.

I attempted to make a number of serious & relevant important points to a room full of F9 staff at that meeting but I felt everything I said fell on deaf ears nobody was open to listening, not really. Nobody took on board any of the points I made as far as I can see looking back at that experience.

It was clear that I was talking to a load of sleep walking people, who were really only interested in their own views & visions & ideas. They just were not interested in anyone else's point of view NOT really, they all made the right noises but F9's vision sadly didnt (doesnt) really involve taking on board customers needs or views, so yes! I'm cynical as a result.

**The meeting was so bad I literally fell asleep I was so bored bye what was being said.

**I resigned as an F9 Forum administrating moderator immediately afterwards.

**I see that nothing has changed really since that meeting, until some of the management people either REALLY start to change their thinking or leave. I cannot see any improvements taking place as the problem is fundamentally one of management style. It remains far to autocratic in nature and thats the real stumbling block here, its in the organisational culture of F9 that flows down as a result of that autocratic management style. Shoot problems first then ask questions afterwards its abit like Bush (you've been bushwacked!!).


Force9 Support Sucks

Fortunately I've not had to use support for tech problems and judging by the feedback I really hope I won't have to. However I raised a ticket regarding the email on new proposed phone packages ( paying line rental to F9 rather than BT) in particular the statement re 240 free minutes. I asked for confirmation that it was each month, back came the reply that it was 340 minutes a month. I acknowledged with a suggestion that they had it wrong it was 240 minutes, since then I have had a stream of conflicting tickets all referring to Plus Talk packages, which I was not referring to in the first place !!