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For the sake of balance


For the sake of balance

I just thought I would post my experience of Plusnet because reading this forum may suggest to people that everybody has a bad experience.

Signed up for Plusnet Broadband Plus service on the 4th August paying 47 quid up front by credit card.

Got notification that an engineer would be assigned my ADSL activation on 16th August.

Got activated on 16th August. Very slow speeds 160 kbps synching upstream and downstream. 1333 kbps on the speed test.

Waited a couple of days to see if it got better.

It didn't so I used the automated Broadband fault diagnosis at about 8:30 on 17th August. Did some speed checks, attached information from my modem.

Got an update from Customer Service when I logged in at 6:30 on 18th August to say it was probably a problem at the exchange and my profile had been updated remotely.

I now have 4096 kbps downstream and 288 kbps upstream synching and a 2.2MB/s speed test.

I can't speak for other people but I seem to have received very good service.