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Folder list and email displays

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Folder list and email displays

Client Win XP SP1a; browser IE6 with current hotfixes
Betamail logon screen selections: POP3; browser IE6+
Not tried with other configurations

In the RH part of the screen, when working my way through my Inbox (although this applies to all folders), aren't the up/down arrows on the far right of the headers of the "folder contents list" (i.e. my outstanding emails list - not the folder list in the LH frame) and the "display of an individual item" (mail view pane) transposed? i.e. don't the folder contents arrows apply to the item being displayed and vice versa?. For example, when viewing the content of an email, the heading ('From:....' line) RH up/down arrows 'hover box' says 'Hide/Show message' but hides/shows the folder contents list. The folder contents list up/down arrows hover box says 'Hide/Show mail folders' but hides/shows the email being displayed. They may be right but they sure confuse me!
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Folder list and email displays

First, can you please read Webmail: How to provide feedback - Please read before posting which explains how to format thread titles for feedback and bug reports.

In addition can you supply the following information to help the developers understand and reproduce your problem:

Webmail interface being used? (also have you tried the others)

Webmail server type being used? (also have you tried the other)

Your browser and it's version?

The version of Windows (or other OS) you are using?