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Finally upgraded (LLU) and HAPPY!!

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Registered: 07-08-2007

Finally upgraded (LLU) and HAPPY!!

just a thumbs up (currently Wink ) for plusnet. I was eventually switched to LLU last night - after an order showing on my account for 3 weeks. First impressions are excellent. Sync speed is currently 6737 down and 625 up - did a test download last night from M$ and it came down at about 650kb/sec :shock:

My router stats have changed quite a bit - used to be:
Atteunation 38 and Noise 29.5 now its
Atteunation 44.5 and Noise 14.1

Currently not had a disconnection yet - so all in all a good result!!

let me now preempt all those - "just wait a week and your connection will be gone forever!!!" comments.....