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Finally Some Good News


Finally Some Good News

Phew ! Cheesy

I received my MAC this morning and immediately signed up with Zen.
I'm looking forward to some peace & quiet although I might still check out the Plusnet forum on ADSLguide from time to time for a laugh.

Plusnet were a good ISP in 2004 but since 2005 they have lost the plot.
Their decision to throttle Usenet use was the final straw and it became time to vote with my wallet.

PlusNet need to understand that not everybody wants an ISP account thats as cheap as possible. Some people want a good service and are prepared to pay for it. There was none of the current strife when I was paying £29.99 for my 1 meg Premier account, but as soon as PlusNet entered a price war with other ISPs they started cutting not only charges but service.

Interestingly Zen haven't entered this pricing War, but they're picking up plenty of new customers who want the service Zen provide and are willing to pay for it.

Regards. JSP.