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File-sharing slowdown problem


File-sharing slowdown problem

Over the past week or so I've seen the speeds of my downloads drop dramatically. It's gone from 100K-220K down to 16-30K even for well seeded files and it doesn't seem to matter what time of day it is either

"Normal" downloads from websites, STEAM updates, FTP's etc are all fine. But my torrent downloads have become terrible.

Would it be possible for one of you nice PN techie chaps to look into this?
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File-sharing slowdown problem

Have you read any other threads on this forum today?

You might want to sit down but PN are now implementing on premier and PAYG accounts. *gasp* this will decrease your downloads slightly but shouldn't by as much as you are experiencing.

Having said that many other people are currently experiencing your symptoms and belivie it is down to the traffic shaping. Whether this is the case remains to be seen I am of the mindset that when whoever tapped in th settings to the ellacoya kit (the stuff that limits the speed) they put it in wrong however this is mere speculation and I have no Idea what is causing this.

Hope This Helps ;-)

File-sharing slowdown problem

Yeh seems I jumped the gun with this thread. I should have read te other threads first! In a perverse sort of way I'm glad its not just me thats having this problem.

I was ripping my hair out changing firewall software, P2P software, running speed-tests, reinstalling software, borrow another modem ect thinking that it had to be my PC that was causing the problem.

I hope that it's resolved soon. I am generally very happy with PN's service and can understand the need for file-shaping (to a degree) and I'm not one to normally complain about things but I find this problem unacceptable (as alot of other users seem to).
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File-sharing slowdown problem

My BiTorrent speeds are the same, never going above 30k, always between about 15k-30k.

Funnily enough it seems like its 'per torrent' tho, If I put 3 going it will reach higher speeds maybe 60k.

No matter how many seeders and leechers I seem to get around 30k per torrent max tho.

File-sharing slowdown problem

Great ... now my connection keeps dropping whenever I run any p2p software for more than two minutes. Is this how file-shaping (or whatever you want to call it) truly works? Cut down on the bandwidth used by knocking users offline?

I'm not a happy bunny right now Sad

File-sharing slowdown problem

It gets even better .. now DCC for IRC doesn't work through my BNC.

If tech support need to contact me I'll be the one in the corner banging my head against the wall.