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Fighting SPAM

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Fighting SPAM

I have been having some horrendus problems with the vast amount of spam email messages. In excess of 100 per day. I beleive this is down to the fact that I subscribe to discussion forums which publish my emails on the web.

I am subscribing to the F9 Spam filtration service as well as running Norton Spam catcher. Between them they are capturing around 75% but not all. Unfortunately this still requires you to delete them all from differnt folders within Outlook express. Even with mail rules set up, some seem to slip the net and not ending up in my Spam folder. One thing I have noticed is that quite often, emails are addressed to anything@a***

I think it would be a good idea if you could nominate all the names you intend to use before the @ symbol, and anything that is addressed to your domain which is differnt from your nominated names, should get sent back as being undeliverable. This would avoid the majority of spam messages from getting anywhere near my computer.

Would it be possible to implement this idea?

Regards, Kenton

Fighting SPAM

You think 100 a day is bad?
I normally receive 250 eMails a day, which I deal with!

However, for the last two weeks my brothers eMal address (here at F9) has been receiving an ever increasing amount of spam, probably from an infected server
It started off at about 5,000 a day, but it is now nearer 10,000Given Outlook Express is setup to retrieve eMail every 5 mins, shortly that is all it will be doing!

Fighting SPAM

I've asked that question on here many times in the past and have been told it is not possible because a) it would involve rewriting the email programme and b) it would confuse some customers!!


Blackholing spam would be nice??

I have been asking why its not possible for ordinary users just to send spam,junk & virus ridden emails we dont want to a special F9 blackhole address. A blackhole address does exsist and sending spam,junk,etc too it would make a great deal of sense. But I was told by F9 that this wasnt possible as the blackhole is just an email address but I still fail to understand why users couldnt do this, after all if every major ISP allowed junk, spam & viruses to be blackholed the spammers would soon think differently in my opinion.

Spam, & junk,etc could be binned as fast as the spammers sent the annoying stuff and as I said before if all ISP's created blackholes then spammers might just be sunk for once in the sick lives??

**Please can someone from F9 tell us why its not possible to send spam,junk,etc to the F9 blackhole as I still cannot see why this isnt possible??

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Fighting SPAM


If you are getting a lot of spam to one or a few specific addresses then you can set up a redirect to send them to our blackhole address
If however the spam is being sent to totally random addresses then I'd recommend setting up mailboxes for the addresses you want to use, then raise a ticket and we should be able to redirect the default address to the blackhole. We are looking into a way that you can set this up yourself, but for the moment the network guys should be able to make the changes.