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Fight the stealth T&C's


Fight the stealth T&C's

This new system is a joke, pn added a fair usage policy then with this new vision they are adding capping (although none off the advisors will admit it) this is a new term which they are trying to hide under the fair usage policy, i suggest we all contact ofcom and let them decide whether pn new conditions are fair to us the consumer ?

Its funny that since the lauch of plus nets voip service they are sqeezing as much bandwidth out of us as possible ??

I have tried contacting them and all i get it the stupid fair usage policy thrown in my face so its about time that ofcom get involved

The service i signed up for is broadband and i expect 2mb speed and to be able to download what i want when i want, we shoudn't be foced to use p2p during the middle of the night when the network is quiet !!

If enough of us complain they will have to listen
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Fight the stealth T&C's

I've locked this as it doesn't really fit in with the spirit of the Ideas forum. The ideas forum is about raising ideas that can benefit the community as a whole and will also have a postive benefit to PlusNet, otherwise they are unviable suggestions.