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Here's a novel idea.... how about when someone posts a message to the "Ideas and suggestions" forum (ie this one) - someone from F9 responds?

Even if it's to say no (and why would be nice too).

Otherwise - what's the point of this forum?

Who knows - if your customers thought you were listening to suggestions - maybe they'd be willing to make them.

As I say, a novel idea.
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This is something that we've actually been trying to improve on recently, though its more obvious from the PN forums where there are most posts in general.

Part of the problem was the internal process for passing ideas through had been neglected for a little while, which is something that we're now working to rectify.


I know that most of the ideas on this forum are quite old now, but I wonder if there is any benefit in the comms team taking a look at some of them and replying - again even if it's to say no.

At the very least, it might stimulate some interest in this forum again.

There are so many messages here with 0 replies, and those that have been replied to are generally by the more cynical of us (and include myself in there).

The only thing I would say, is that for the last 18months, I have felt that the comms team have been getting better and better at "spin control". Whilst I appreciate a positive attitude, I am very sceptical about "blindly positive attitudes" (and I hope he doesn't mind me saying it, but I think Ben was the worst culprit for that). At the point someone starts thinking "how do answer this in order to portray F9 in the best possible light?" is probably the same point at which the answer stops being honest and remains only truthful. There is the other aspect of this too... when all answers are "spun" in a positive way - how are customers ever to recognise truely good news?

I mention all this in the hope that if someone does start picking through the issues raised in this forum, they do so with the aim of answering honestly rather than just truthfully.



Force9 and PlusNet are in danger of becoming like New Labour and Tony Blair the more you promote the party line and the party retoric the more you start to actually believe these ideas as the trueth yourself honest!!

**Users dont want spin control, dont want corporate speak or sharehold speak they just would appreciate someone taking real responsability for problems, issues & when genuine mistakes are made. I would have light years more respect for staff at F9 that are prepared to say sorry! we mesed up on that one, or even I dont have a clue what the cause of this problem is, but could we get back to you after I have spoken with my tech support collegues,etc. In other words I dont want to be fobbed off or given a load of bull**** when I phone up or open a support ticket.

**The other problem for CSC staff is that not all users are novice users either, there are many VERY knowledge IT people who have an excellent understand of IT, networking etc and hate support staff who are patronising.



Now I know what the problem is. Force9 is run by CSC!

Some people may get that - to others sorry.


Having worked for Computer Sciences Corporation as an application developer, I know exactly what you mean.

However in this case, I think the CS is Customer Services, what the final C is for - I'm not sure.


I do think it is meant to read "Customer Support Center" in all honesty.

The problems witht he idea forum are that there has been very little input from PN/F9/FOL for some time. This is very evident over on PN where you will notice the Ideas and Suggestions forum has now been removed after a couple of months of requests of a little acknoledgement from PN yet nothing came.

There are ideas evident which were accepted but then nothing more happened, this was about a year or so ago also. In short the forum was giving customers false hope that PN would listen and implement ideas as the lack of posting and acknowledgement of ideas seemed to say it all.

As I have it now, although the forum was removed from the PN boards the PUG are looking at implementing a board and way in which ideas can and will be submitted which will hopefully lead in a bigger response from PN and ones which will show results.

But thats how I currently understand it.



Interesting you should mention PlusNet. Our companies business account is with PlusNet (although I now log on to Force9 to administer it). My home account is with Force9. Taking a quick look at the PlusNet page there is no mention of Force9 on the front page.

You still seem to be able to sign up to such as Office 2000 mbps on PlusNet.

When we (the company that is) started with 'PlusNet' it was actually Force9, then they moved us to PlusNet. Perhaps PlusNet was thought a posher name for the business community.

Gosh I have had some interesting conversations with customer service in the past. What do you think of this one:

ME - we are paying £65 per month so why do we get in a phone queue behind people paying £14/month

ANSWER: well they would be upset if they though you were jumping the queue.

ME - i don't think so, i am one of them 'at home' and would expect them to get better service

ANSWER: well they would, it won't change etc.

I shall tempt sod's law and say everything (apart from some intermittent service yesterday) has being running just fine for the last year so customer service wait is not an issue.

Perhaps Force9 should realise that when a business line goes belly up there could be (as in our case) 5 people sitting around not being able to fully function.