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Feedback Report from Recent Customer Forum


Feedback Report from Recent Customer Forum

I may have missed something but I have not seen any new topic which give a report of what happened at the customer forum earlier this month.

I believe that there have been various odd reports here and there as to some peoples views of what went on and what a good day it was but surely we need one topic/report which sets out clearly the views of everyone who attended; what was asked; what was replied to; what was not and how matters are to be taken forward.

If this has not already been done, can I suggest the people that went - and only those people - use this topic to report it. Any comments on these reports should be placed in another topic; perhaps "Questions on Customer Forum Feedback Reports" . This will ensure the feedback is not mixed up with general chat on the reports (some hope I know but one can try !).

If I've missed this, then sorry and can someone point me to the relevant topic (hopefully not the "Questions for Customer Forum" which is now a mish mash of different items.)

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Feedback Report from Recent Customer Forum

I'd like to see some formal report of questions and answers if someone has the time to do such a thing. Smiley Only concern would be that PlusNet have placed the visitors under an NDA I think.

matt Wink

Feedback Report from Recent Customer Forum

If you look here I am sure you will find what you were looking for Smiley

Plusnet Customer Forum

Any more questions that we may possibly be abe able to answer just ask Smiley

Merry Christmas,