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Fed up over continuing email delays


Fed up over continuing email delays

I'm sure like many others I'm getting really hacked off with the continuing email delays I've been experiencing for well over a week.

However I don't want to be negative and would like to make some helpful suggestions to PN;

1) You keep mentioning about 6 or 8 servers being nearly up to date. Are you sure you haven't another one hidden somewhere that's the rogue item?

2) Get a little handyman from one of the local paper ads up your way to come in and open up some of the servers and hard drives to see if any of the missing emails have fallen out through the gaps. Don't forget to get him to add a new washer back to seal it up tight after wards.

3) Print off all my emails and send them by post. 2nd class is ok to save you a penny or two and I'm sure they'll get to me as quickly.

I'm sorry if my technical knowledge isn't too hot, I'm a little bit out of date. It takes an age typing this out on my Spectrum

Hope that's of some help but maybe if some other techies have any other positive, cracking ideas, feel free to add them.