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Registered: 07-08-2007


Could Metro/Plusnet investigate the possibility of providing a fax service :?:

Outgoing: Members send an email to a central mailbox with their pages to be faxed as attachments - outgoing fax number and/or members account number in the subject line. A fixed price per pages is added to their account for payment at the next invoice.
Incoming: All Faxes to one number but with an extension number to identify members web mailbox for delivery. Again, invoiced at a fixed price per page.

I doubt if it would generate a huge volume of traffic but currently there is still a place for faxes. In my case not quite enough to warrant buying a fax machine or overcoming the problem of an exchange based answer machine service that would either record my incoming faxes or never pick up messages if the fax m/c cuts in.

:idea: I quite like using a fax for letters of complaint. If I don't get a reply [or a satisfactory reply] to my initial letter a fax sent to the recipients PA/secretary can get instant results, as it is a semi-open letter. He/she can't pretend it didn't get delivered and PA & secretaries talk – especially about when the boss gets something wrong :!: Try it.