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Fax or Email Which is the Quicker


Fax or Email Which is the Quicker

Is PN still having problems with mail? 3:15 minutes to recieve a vital peice of information? ended up asking the company to fax me which was quicker.
I am just about to sign a new company over to PN with 2 DSL lines and I am now having second thoughts.

Is it the amount of spam coming through the mail servers, if so why dont they start blacklisting the most prominant ISP's like CNC who have no idea how to stop these low lifes?

Thats my rant
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Fax or Email Which is the Quicker

Personally I think Email should be quicker 99% of the time. There are times when email will have queues - Link:censored happens!

A new SPAM platform is in trial now. Whitelisting and Blacklisting are both on the radar for implementation soon.

Its embarrassing for me that customers have to resort to old tech (fax) to get vital information rather than use our services - and I don't like being embarrassed.

Suffice to say were on it and I'll not be embarrassed by our email service again *very* soon.


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