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Have you seen this over on ADSLGuide?


I would be very interested in having PlusNet's comments on this.

[Moderator's note by James - (sallyandjames): Shortened URL as it was stretching the page.]


I wouldn't expect a response here any time soon from PN - The Comms guys are all answering tickets ATM to help out the CSC.

Not saying you won't get a response, just warning there could be a long wait. Wink
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For the benefit of customers with a nervous disposition, that rather not visit ADSL guide.

Your username: xxxxxxx

Dear xxxxxx,

We would like to inform you that according to our records, the Fax-2-Email number we provide to you as part of your account has not been used during the last 3 months.

As per the terms of this service, if you don't use your Fax-2-Email number for more than 3 months, we will recall the number for the use of other customers. Further details of this policy can be found here:-

You can reactivate the service again at any time, and receive a new number, if and when you require it, using the Fax-2-Email administration tool at:-

You can prevent your number from being deactivated by regularly receiving faxes to your Fax-2-Email number. If you wish to keep your current number, please arrange to have a fax sent to your number within the next 48 hours.

Thank-you for your continued custom.

This e-mail is currently being set out to all customers using (or not in this case) the fax to e-mail service that have not received a fax within the last 3 months.

As the incoming fax numbers are a finite resource, PlusNet purges that unused number periodically.

This is a great example where PlusNet have listened to customers and PUG feedback. On previous occasions they informed users AFTER they had deactived their service.