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Faults in webmail


Faults in webmail


I've found two (related) really annoying faults with webmail.

When I do reply to a message I've received my own email is in the send to box rather than the intended recipient's.

Also when I have an email cc'd to lots of people (incoming) and I reply to the single sender (im not pressing reply to all just simply reply) it sends the message to everyone not just the sender. (this was reallllllllllly embarassing by the way!).

Ive had both the above on multiple ocassions on IE.

Please fix this f9!!!

Thank you,

Faults in webmail

Same problem happing here!

sent a email to about 400 compaines instead of sending it to the person who wrote it!

opps! :lol:

(offtopic) anyone notice the layout in the fourm is bigger in firefox now, since the rollout of the IE fix! - its not a problem cause it looks better now, i think! :lol:
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Faults in webmail

We are aware of the issue that people are experiencing when using the reply function in webmail and this is being worked on by development at the moment.