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Fault checker - ticket system working?

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Registered: 05-08-2007

Fault checker - ticket system working?

I have had a major reduction in my speed - BT speed tester shows a figure of 132 on each of the three test I have done in the last two hours. I am usually between 2400 - 3500.

Thought I would report this via the fault ticket system. However when I try to do this the page that opens just hangs and hangs and hangs etc. Have had to go through the contact support team route, which is a bit of a pain for PN and me.

Has anyone else had this problem today with the fault checker today or had drastic drops in speed - even though all other stats are still fine?

Anyone from PN care to comment?

Fault checker - ticket system working?

PN are aware that in some instances its hanging and causing a lot of problems (and justified dissatisfaction).

You have done the right thing by using the traditional contact us route to raise your issue.

The fix/failover has been assigned a P1 status, so should be getting a fair bit of attention internally.