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Fault Resolution - Waiting...


Fault Resolution - Waiting...

On Friday my connection started constantly resynching so I raised a ticket, got the expected reply of change filters, try master socket, try different hardware, unplug other equipment test connection using

No surprise there. So raised a fault using the link and tests were to be carried out over 48 hours, "Broadband Fault Checker - Connection checks [ In progress ]

The tests on your broadband connection have now started. Please check this Question in about two hours to see the results of the tests."

This was on Saturday, since then there has been no update on progress, my connection is still resynching and I am also stuck on a 500K profile with 128K throughput, it has now been nearly five days since I raised the initial synch problem with apparently no progress towards a resolution.

To say I am unhappy with customer service is an understatement. What do I have to do to get Plusnet to raise a fault with BT?

ID: 20682326
ID: 20677701