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Fao Liam - You having a laugh?...he's having a laugh!


Fao Liam - You having a laugh?...he's having a laugh!

On August 24th I gave notice of leaving. Since then I have been unable to use this service at home as I do not have a BT line. I can only check webmail at work. I have been squandering 21.99 since then.

I was assured that September payment would be the last to be drawn.I was told I was downgraded to pay as you go. I raised tickets, I asked for promises..huh!

I have just had an email to say another payment will be drawn.


I will be calling my bank to cancel all this.

LIam do your job properly and sort this out like you promised two months ago.

I tried calling but what a link:censored waste of time that is! Evil

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Fao Liam - You having a laugh?...he's having a laugh!

When did you actually raise a ticket to cancel your service? Having glanced at the posts you have made since August I see that even on the 4th September you were being advised by PN Comms that you didn't need a MAC for what you were talking about but that you would need to raise a ticket to cancel your connection

The fact that you were talking about what to do on the forums does not count as an official communication cancelling your service-- PlusNet can only count your notice period from when you raised the ticket to cancel and should refund you any money outstanding at the end of the 30 days.

If your normal payment day is even a day before the end of the notice period they will take a full payment before refunding the excess-- that's the way their system works.

If they don't terminate the connection by the end of the 30 day notice period they shouldn't even think of charging you for it-- as I said at the beginning it's all down to when you actually sent the ticket requesting termination!

Fao Liam - You having a laugh?...he's having a laugh!

Just a few of the tickets I had answered.....

Dear Mr Green,
Your account is scheduled for closure on 21/10/2006. This is to ensure you receive the entire service you have paid for.
I hope that this clarifies the situation and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom since 2003.


Receive entire service...shakes head. How much service have I been able to use?? I can only check webmail. Check the stats!!

This was a message I recieved weeks and weeks ago.

Account scheduled for cancellation on 21-10-2006..was the follow up.
Changed Cancellation to downgrade to PAYG so cust can retain E-Mail etc...


To administer your account and for all your help and support requirements visit

This is what i got a few weks later.

Then a couple of days after that....Account flagged for service type change on 21-10-2006 to PlusNet Pay as you Go (Standard).

Note to mod...was using a catchphrase from Father attempt to avoid swear filter..just like on on topic post from Extras.

All quiet on the ops team front still

Anyway I reported my card stolen last night. Whilst it's an inconvenience PN can't take from me anymore.

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Fao Liam - You having a laugh?...he's having a laugh!

I'd imagine the e-mail was generated due the 21/10/06 being the 'cancellation' date.

Until that point it was still a "live" account and as such the usual notices were generated. Although it does souns like the money would of been taken AFTER the date of cancellation.

I can see why it happened, but there should really be some sort of flag that can be set to stop emails and money transfers from taking place when a cancellation date has been set up.