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False and incorrect usage stats?


False and incorrect usage stats?

I checked my usage on my account using the my usage stats on Thursday 15th Dec and my usage was showung at just over 15GB peak time and around 51GB total usage. As I had been asked to manage my usage with an email from Plusnet I have kept a close check on it this month and have kept well within limits. However On checking back on Friday 16th (at the end of the last periods usage I find the stats are now showing over 31Gb of peak time usage. Now there is no way I could have used 15GB 'extra' in such a short space of time so I started to question the reliability of these usage stats.
Now a new usage period started on Friday 16th and now on Saturday I have just checked and despite only using my PC for some email and a bit of web browsing ( no file downlaods) I find that the stats are showing over 60GB of usage already for the period Dec 17th -Jan 16th...This is impossible..what is going on here? Can these stats be trusted?
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False and incorrect usage stats?

Sometimes there is a problem resetting your stats at the start of a billing period. Check your closed tickets for a 'Bandwidth usage has been resett' ticket. If it is missing then that process has not been done. If it does exist then it did not complete properly.

Just raise a ticket, say your stats were not reset at the start of your billing period and it will be sorted out.
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False and incorrect usage stats?


It looks like it's in the middle of the billing run and the reset script hasn't been applied yet, there should be a ticket on the account that says something like "Bandwidth usage has been reset" which follows a few hours after the billing script processes the payment.

If it's still wrong tomorrow let me know and I'll get it raised.

Thanks for the useful info

...I'll check those out tickets out then...thanks for the description of what happens...

....Well not what I was expecting

Plus Net reply:

>>Do you use a wireless connection? If it is unsecured then somebody else could be using your connection and downloading on it, increasing your usage. The usage stats are accurate.


NO, I don't have any wirleess AP's........and if I did they would be secured properly......

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Stats Reset

The stats have been reset now as advised by the customer support. It correctly shows 16GB peak time last month and 58GB total usage. It has reset this months usage to 1.46 GB total...which is more realistic....

(if anybody does find a broadband product that lets me download 15GB in 12 hours let me know Cheesy !!)
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Re: Stats Reset

(if anybody does find a broadband product that lets me download 15GB in 12 hours let me know Cheesy !!)

Now with LLU and living in a flat on top of the exchange anything is possible :lol: