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Fallen at the first hurdle !


Fallen at the first hurdle !

I'm a new customer and have been told that my Broadband connection will be activated on 26 May. A voyager 210 Router arrived in the post this morning but it appears from the CD that I cannot use it for Windows Vista ! This has come as a complete surprise to me as it wasn't mentioned when I first signed up and paid my money. I would have thought that PlusNet would realise that someone requesting Broadband for the first time is quite likely to have bought a new pc, therefore they'd be very likely to have Windows Vista.
Any advice would be very welcome.
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Fallen at the first hurdle !

I've had a quick search and from what I've read, you need to use a Ethernet connection rather than the USB one - not sure if a Vista driver exists, but generally is easier as Ethernet is device driver independent where USB isn't.

It comes supplied with an Ethernet cable from what I can see, so the only problem is whether your PC comes with one. However I would have thought so since it is a recent one.

Try following PN's setup guide for the Voyager 210 at:

This covers an Ethernet connection.
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Fallen at the first hurdle !

In any case, I would recommend using ethernet rather than USB 11 times out of 10!
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Fallen at the first hurdle !

Hi there,

You can use the 210 via ethernet as other posters have suggested, but will not be able to use the USB facility with Vista.

As elvin says, ethernet is always much better than USB in any case!

Welcome to the forums btw. Smiley

Fallen at the first hurdle !

Many thanks for your helpful replies. Since posting I've read the directions again and spotted the bit about the Ethernet connection Shockedops: :roll:
Looking forward to a trouble free activation tomorrow Smiley

Thanks again.