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Fair use - +Net dishonesty?


Fair use - +Net dishonesty?

"The introduction of a fair usage policy does not reflect a change to the product we are supplying."

What rubbish! Moving from an all-you-can-eat product limited by contention, to a PAYG product based on data transfer, is a sea change in +Nets entire business model - let alone a change (for better or worse) in the product supplied!

Most of us can guess why +Net have said this. It's not because it is a truthful assessment of the situation. Rather it is because if the product has not been changed to the consumers detriment, then those consumers remain locked into their contracts. +Net have done themselves an enormous disservice with this statement. Frankly, I believe that +Net is being dishonest!

Having said that, and with the exception of the stupid "nothing different, just a clarification" statement from +Net, I think they are making a fair job of a poor option. All they need now is a decent NIMDA-like virus, and they'll be quids in.

...and as for the London Olympics "GET YER REPLAYS 'ERE "

- Mike
With + Net moving from a contended connection charging model to a metered transfer charging model, does this mean that 'My Referrals' will now be credited according to the data that the people we have introduced are downloading? If not, why notHuh If I introduce a high-usage customer, I want more that a quick suck of the orange for selling a connection if you are exploiting them for their heavy usage!!!


When I migrated to PlusNey(sic) I did so on the grounds that I was moving to an UNMETERED service, as I am tied into them for at least another 5 months I feel that they have at least been disingenuous, if not downright dishonest, in their marketing. I also feel that I have been placed in a less than comfortable position re. personal recomendations. I have willingly made these reccomendations about an unlimited service, which reccomendations at the end of the day are a major strand of the marketing strategy of the company.
I am making this comment, not as an habitual exceeder of the "fair usage policy, but as someone who belives a deal is a deal,

Fair use - +Net dishonesty?

Like many others I totally agree with you both!

Fair use - +Net dishonesty?

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Fair use - +Net dishonesty?

cant you use the ongoing posts on this subject of which there are many
instead of opening yet another one ?

Fair use - +Net dishonesty?


Here here.