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Fair Usage

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Fair Usage

im not too familar with the fair usage policy, as we have a business connnection which is not capped, so i do not worry, or look into the fair usage too much.

Im just wondering how F9 will continue to Cap everyone when basically the Internet is taking off, and everything will soon be based on downloading from the internet?

Skys Pay view online,
BBC Video-On-Demand (watch any missed episodes)
and also TV over IP is just around the corner.

With these new exciting services available the only constraint there is the CAP on the ISP?
What if i didnt have a TV and only watch TV through Sky and BBC websites?
i'd be stuffed.

Just wondering what other peoples thoughts/opinions are?

Fair Usage

I think that current policy by ISP's is fairly confused.
They spend so much time telling us how amazingly quick broadband is getting, and tighten their grip day by day on how much you can actually use it.
I mean, I think bulldog do a 8Mb service with only 1Gb cap on it, which is beyond ridiculous.

The solution however is what is confusing ISP's, there doesn't seem to be one. If everybody on the ISP uses their service to its absolute maximum, it would bring the ISP to its knees, so the only way around it is to actively DISSUADE people from using the product they've purchased.

We are probably going to see a fairly brutal ISP war in the next few years when people start demanding to be able to actually use all these new features, such as moving 100% over to a VoIP phone, plenty internet tv, as well as P2P showing absolutely no sign of decline.

My entire feelings is that there needs to be less stress on "FASTER" broadband, and more efforts concentrated on "USABLE" broadband, because at this rate, nobody will be able to use these Uberfast products.

Frankly 8Mb Broadband is more than enough to do most things for the forseeable future, its imperative that ISP's now work on being able to cope with the demand those speeds need.