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Fabulous upgrade policy

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Fabulous upgrade policy

I'm so impressed. Soon after joining PN I was upgraded from an effectively unlimited download capability to a 5GB service, and now I've been upgraded to a 3GB service.
I can't wait for my direct debit to be upgraded Cheesy

Fabulous upgrade policy


Welcome to the Forums. I am using a guess to see your point of this thread, however I do not see how this benefits other users or Plusnet in an aid to improve the service ( by means of constructive criticism ).

I am going to lock this thread due to it not serving any purpose that will benefit anyone. You are more than welcome to post again if you wish and open a new thread, but please try and aim this in a direction which will offer either help to others or a constructive view or debate as apposed to leaving the thread open to be filled with mindless flaming.