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FTP working at modem speed ????


FTP working at modem speed ????

Hi I am fairly new to
I noticed by doing a line speed test that my 2 meg line is only doing aroun 512kb, ok so maybe the contention is high at the moment, but the web is sufable neverless. What I do not understand though is FTP, it's only ever working at about 5kb with is painfully slow, I get alot of my computers updates from HP and that's how I noticed the problem as HP softpack downloads are all via there ftp server.
Is my ftp bandwidth being throttled or restricted to modem speeds? if this is the norm I'm feed up after just my first week. Also Telnet to port 2222 to a friends server is also painfully slow. I miss my old ISP freedom2serve, no restrictions of any kind. What a mess I'm now in.

FTP working at modem speed ????

Hey Neil,

I'm finding similar performance issues with FTP. I have a sync of around 6000 Kbits/sec, a speedtest of 2600 Kbits/sec and ftp downloads of only 5 Kbytes/sec (50 Kbits/sec).

I have an open ticket for this, here is the response from plusnet:

"Can you please test out alternative FTP server to see if you experience the same issues. please note this service is limited for uploading.
We are not currently aware of any specific problems with our FTP services"

I achieved 5 Kbytes/sec from their server.

There is also more information towards the end of this thread:

Smells like traffic shaping / filtering to me.

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FTP working at modem speed ????

had the same problems myself a day or two ago. uploading files to my plusnet webspace at a scorching 3.5k/s... with occasional adrenaline inducing highs of 4.5k/s! preposterous to think i was paying for broadband, its just really pricey dialup haha

im no lawyer so dont quote me on it but if you are really worried about your new ISP i beleive most legal business type contracts are subject to a 2 week 'cooling off' period whereby you can cancel within that 2 week period without penalty... though of course PlusNowt probably have that neatly sewn up in thier moveable feast they refer to as the ToS!

FTP working at modem speed ????

Yesterday i was backing up my forum via ftp and it was going SOOO slow. It was literally a 90k file in 3 minutes.

After some fiddling with the settings in the FTP Client it came back to normal and everything was going down at great speeds.

mozilla / IE is the client

I use IE as the client as HP you lick download of the softpack and it downloads, not need for a special ftp client.
I tried it on mozilla as well no difference, got my mate on another ISP and guess what, his fly's down...
I need a cooling off period get out loophole from this ISP.
If all fair people saying tweak you client etc etc. but come on we aren't all IT experts, though my knowledge is fair, I just want it to work, not battle tweeking setting to out wit
Just give me what you boldly promised when I joined up, unlimited bandwidth inside the fair use policy. I just want a fast download on say a 20mb file from a hp ftp server every now and then.