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FTP problem


FTP problem

Hi, please help..

I am using Cute FTP to try to upload my files, but when I type in the host address, I use, but a message of 'Can't resolve ""', and i have tried different variations such as '', etc, but it doesn't work.

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FTP problem

this is all covered completely in the various help pages.
Your www webspace is at
Your ccgi space if you use it is at
You need to ftp to these servers to upload files for the appropriate areas.
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FTP problem

Hello jntrading,

Yes! you must have the FTP server's address correctly entered into coreFTP program. But its also worth mentioning that if the hostname or IP address cannot be resolved it could be a DNS problem, if that is the case make certain you have the correct Primary & Secondary DNS server's IP address for the F9 servers (these can be found under your connection details here on the F9 portal).

**Also if there is a DNS Problem you can flush the DNS cache by re-booting (hard rebooting) your machine. or open a DOS type window (command prompt)> start menu>run option>type cmd.exe then press return, at the command prompt type c:\ipconfig /flushdns press return.


FTP problem

Host name for your "bog standard" html space is:

Host name for the ccgi server (if you have enabled it) is: