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FTP: can't login


FTP: can't login

I'm trying to connect via ftp to my webspace to upload a file, but it won't let me login with my username and password. The service status says ftp is OK and has been for 20 minutes. I didn't try until 5 minutes ago though.
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FTP: can't login

Its running a little slow at the moment, but it does appear to be working. I'd suggest checking settings on your side, and if its still not working raise a ticket.

FTP: can't login

I just use internet explorer for quick file uploads. The username and password are saved on my computer, and it logged in fine right up till I tried tonight. I've tried re-entering the username and password but just keep gettting the same error message:

"Could not login to the FTP serve with the username and password specified"


Off to raise a tciket now.
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FTP: can't login

Are you using, or

at my end, only ftp2 is working.

John w - may be worth checking, since this is still your reccomended server in my website settings page!!

FTP: can't login

Tried there and can get on to it slowly. I didn't know about ftp2, thanks.

"it must be your end"

FTP was clearly dead, this evening, for several hours for many customers.
service status also confirmed it was on the fritz

I'd recommend to leave your settings alone, if they were working fine before,
and come back later when the tech team have cellotaped it all back together.