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FTP Speeds / Access


FTP Speeds / Access

Is anyone experiencing problems connecting and uploading to FTP sites? (these include my own personal dedicated server and other public FTP sites)

Its not my PC (or Mac) or ADSL hardware as I've tried different ones for each.

Also general internet speeds seem really poor since Saturday.

FTP Speeds / Access

Hello there, since my last billing date the 12/05 my download speed, especially with a newsreader was running at about 1kb/s from around 9am till just after midnight. F9 simply told me that this was a newsreader problem so I submitted traceroutes for 4 routes and 2 differenet readers. They admitted last Friday that my account was under 'management' even though I have started a new month and didn't exceed any usage figures last month either. They have told me they have no idea when they will lift this restriction and can give me no reason why it was imposed, it seems to be just a 'back door' method of capping their 'unlimited' accounts. So downloading, unless done between midnight and 9am is a joke, and their refusal to tell me why this has been imposed and to lift this restriction, especially as I upgraded my account to obtain more bandwidth, has simply made me decide to leave them at the end of my annual contract. Maybe you have also been capped in this way, but it is not easy to get F9 to admit this, took me a week. Please let me know how you get on.
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I am on Bussiness Premier upto 8mbps and from two weeks ago i can not download using port 119 at more than 2kbps. What is going on with F9 at the moment. I have had the odd month where i have used about 60GB but in the last two months i don't even think i have reached 20GB.

FTP Speeds / Access

Thanks for the help,

But I've just decided I've had enough of Force 9.

Its amazing a MAC key for transfer arrived in minutes of requesting it.

Shame the rest of the service was not as fast.

FTP Speeds / Access

Re the ports, I tried several other ports but they are all being blocked by F9. Seems they just don't have the infrastructure to cope so they are just reducing download speeds to 1-2kb/s for 16-18 hours in a 24 hour period. My point to them, which they refuse to answer is if this was an 'erroneous' limit on my account then why can't you lift it, after more than a week I am still waiting for an answer. Due to the cost of leaving, as I recently upgraded my account, only to have it capped in this way, I am stuck with them till September.
What is wrong is that they are advertising for new customers, putting them straight onto 8 megs and existing customers are being 'robbed' to allow new people to get bandwidth. I am glad I didn't transfer my websites to them, it must be a nightmare being blocked from updating your own sites.

FTP Speeds / Access

Hi Guys,

The whole DSL MAX upgrade program has now ground to a halt & been well and truely stuffed up by BT themselves. There bulk upgrade ordering tool (software) that was given out to ISP's (F9) was in beta version only, clearly the tool suffered a catastophic failure which has caused wide spread misery for all concerned. Probably because the software was written to quickly and as usual NOT tested properly but shoved out the door by BT. Words like reap what you sow etc come to mind.

**SORRY! I have to disagree with you nobody is being robbed more than anyone else in the present situation. As new F9 customers wont now get MAXED along with anyone else. Old customers included, the situation will only be rectified after the second week in June when BT say they should have the bulk upgrade tool working as it should have in the first place. Then massive numbers of customers can be MAXED once again.

**The main thing I'm most upset & angry about with F9 PN is the withdrawl of customer technical support, there now isnt any.


FTP Speeds / Access

Did you get he email saying that the snail pace downloading would be solved last night, my download speed is still 1kb/s or stop, how about yours. I dare not disconnect and reconnect as recommended by F9 as it gets even slower everytime I do that.
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FTP Speeds / Access

As new F9 customers wont now get MAXED along with anyone else.

I don't think that's quite correct. It's only the bulk tool that's been withdrawn. New accounts can still be put onto MAXDsl as part of the normal setting up. In fact any account can still be put onto MAXDsl, just not via the bulk regrade tool.
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