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FTP - Should we use Passive Mode?

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FTP - Should we use Passive Mode?

I am having FTP problems and I raised a ticket. I got this reply from support via a ticket:

The reason for the former is because your FTP client is using passive mode, and our servers will interpret this incorrectly.

Well, the rare success I have is with Passive mode on. It never works without passive mode for me.

What is your experience?
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FTP - Should we use Passive Mode?

You need to remove the agents name from your post - it's in the forum rules
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FTP - Should we use Passive Mode?

Mine connects to PN servers with or without passive on. On other servers, it will depend on their own settings.
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FTP - Should we use Passive Mode?

That agents reply is 100% wrong. PlusNet's FTP servers will work in both passive and active modes, just like the majority of (but not all) FTP servers, hence why there is a choice. Active mode is generally the default in email clients.

Using one or the other is often as a result of restrictions locally (i.e. firewalls, router firmware versions, bugs) or remotely (FTP server config or remote firewalls) and trying the other option can sometimes work. It also depends on the FTP client as to which one works best as they are not all the same in how they communicate with FTP servers.
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FTP - Should we use Passive Mode?

You missed an option, and not all modes are supported by the PN ftp servers or their firewall are blocking it.

"Extended Passive Mode" (EPSV) is not supported. I did several network traces a year or so ago and persued the problem for a few months but PN never bothered to fix it.

When requrested from the FTP client, their server appears to respond "Entering Extended Passive mode" and it provieds ports, but no data is returned.

So 'Yes' to Passive, 'Yes' to Active. But 'No and it's broken' to Extended Passive.

If you have a good ftp client you may be well advised to check if it is trying EPSV and disable that mode.