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FTP Problem?


FTP Problem?

Hi All,

Does anyone know if there is a problem with the ftp servers at the minute? I've been trying to access my website to upload stuff both via IE and CuteFTP but all I get is an error saying that the server actively refused the connection.

I've made no changes to my system since the last time I connected to my site (last week).

Anyone got and ideas?

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FTP Problem?

Hi Mike
ive got no problem here using explorer or filezilla to access ftp theres also no service status about any problems at the moment

I know its an obvious one but have you tried a full reboot of your pc and modem / router


FTP Problem?

Hi Bill,

Yes, tried all that - no change.

Thanks for the reply anyway.
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FTP Problem?

is it just plusnet servers or any u have problems with?

have u disabled firewall tried with/without pasv mode on
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FTP Problem?

If you are connecting to your www webspace, try using

If that fails, try both passive & active FTP transfer modes.

If to your ccgi webspace try pasive & active but you must be connected to a plusnet IP to connect to your ccgi webspace.