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FRIACO problems, need advice.


FRIACO problems, need advice.

After posting tickets with trace routes and ppp logs i have been informed by Plusnet that my problem is my end and that there is no issue with intermitent FRIACO dialup connectivity.

When i say connectivity issues i mean i can connect no problem, but my 2 little pcs in my sys tray do not remain continuously lit to indicate a steady flow of data, instead they flash on and off and it takes an age to download a webpage and any hope of connecting to a game server is of course pie in the sky. This has only happened in the last month after having 4 - 6 months of great service from Plusnet.

What I would like to know is anybody else having these problems?
If it is indeed a problem my end then does anybody have any clue how i can fix it? a webpage link for example.

I have no issue connecting to 0845 number with a steady 50.6k connection and no i cannot get ADSl in my area.

My system is as follows

AMD Athlon 2200xp
512mb ram
GEforce 4 64mb
Soundblaster live
US Robotics 56k Internal PCI
Windows XP Pro

I have updated all drivers and still cannot connect to Plusnets service correctly. Please help.

RE: FRIACO problems, need advice.

Not your problem. Your system is fine. PlusNet are pulling the wool over your eyes. Just look through some of the older threads and you will see massive problems with free dial up. In one word the are CRAP.
Steve Shannon

RE: FRIACO problems, need advice.

They are being economical with the truth. I too suffered (and complained) about exactly the same problems... got nowhere... I am now in the process of leaving what was once good but is now bad... Sad


RE: FRIACO problems, need advice.

I was told that 'if it was our problem lots of people would be calling in and complaining and they arent so it must be yours'

I think we need to let them know who is having problems with free dial-up by posting in this forum.

Other than that does anybody have an ISP they have switched to that is free calls for a set monthly fee with no 2 hour cut off (please dont say AOL) i think Plusnet's days are over for me. I dont like being lied to.


RE: FRIACO problems, need advice.

Exactly the same problem Neil. I put a ticket in and am waiting for them to tell me it's my fault too.

The proff of the pudding though is that it only happens when they are busy and when (soryy I couldn't help myself) I experimentally installed AOL fre trial on one of my machines, the connection is spot on. Switch that off and go back ot plusnet and it's screwed.

They are trying to fool you.

RE: FRIACO problems, need advice.

Hi Neil,

Your open ticket is with our Technical Support team and should be updated shortly. Please keep an eye on the ticket for more details.



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RE: FRIACO problems, need advice.

I also have an open ticket on this at the moment. It's obvious from this forum that it's an ongoing problem for a substantial number of users.

I just wish that support would be honest and open with us. This used to be one of the good things about Plusnet. If you think that they are being honest at the moment then here are two quotes. The first was in a reply to my ticket and was posted on 12th Nov. The second is a reply to my post in this forum and was posted on 14th.

"We have received a number of tickets regarding this issue. We have realised that there is a problem on our Connect service and are doing thorough investigation into it at this moment.
Please keep an eye on our service status screen for updates on this matter." - posted by Simon Tuxford, 12/11.

"We do not have any issues with FRIACO connectivity at the moment" - posted by David Watson, 14/11.

Which one do you believe? (except for the bit about investigation and keeping the status page up-to-date).