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FOA CSC, Update Please


FOA CSC, Update Please

There has not been an update to the service announcement as posted below:

Obviously, this is the most discussed issue on these forums at the moment, and has been for at least the last three weeks.

Today I notice that the status on the tracker had been switched back to green. So I assume that everything is fixed now, except that P2P speeds are still dire.

I have raised multiple tickets, each time requesting that an update be made, to which the reply has been that discussions continue.

The fact that this issue is still ongoing is something that has wiped clean any respect I had for the service I am receiving. An ISP's sole purpose is to provide transit to their consumers at an acceptable speed, something which Plusnet is failing to achieve.

It is clear to me that Plusnet are in a bind. Their network cannot sustain their customers without heavy restrictions at this time. A very important time too, with upcoming results and potential buyouts in the air. It is clearly inadvisable to make any comment as to the current state of network capacity. So I do not expect a resolution to this issue until results are out and a buyout is announced to the markets, at which time all will become clear.

Plusnet, prove to me otherwise. Why do I maintain my subscription with yourselves when service is identical to that I received in 1995.

We cannot continue with this cat and mouse game.
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FOA CSC, Update Please

I believe information on this may be coming shortly (either today or tomorrow, at a guess) following a meeting yesterday.

FOA CSC, Update Please

I wait with bated breath. Until that time, a picture speaks a thousand words.