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FAO: anyone who has access to force9 forum


FAO: anyone who has access to force9 forum

I've been to see someone today who was having problems with his internet connection, I've posted a topic on the force9 forum for him earlier today, just wondered if someone could tell me if anyone has suggested trying anything?

Basically his problem is he cant ftp large files, keeps timing out, he cant send files via MSN either, keeps timing out. He tried sending me a 28k file and it wouldnt work. He cant send emails with attachments. Browsing is slow and a speed test shows 300k even though he's on the £21.99 account.

I've checked his router, and it's syncing at 8000k with an snr of 14db.

I've tried pinging different websites and all the times seem fine. Rebooted the router and computer and the problem is still there. He's even tried his laptop which suffers the same problem.

We checked his exchange and all is green.

It's a bummer because like me hes a web developer and uses FTP all day every day, and it's unusable today. He's had to pop stuff onto CD for me to do it for him.

He's tried using different FTP servers and the problem is still there, and I've tried FTPing his servers and everything is hunky dory for me.

So if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.
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FAO: anyone who has access to force9 forum

You can access the forums yourself.

login: testdrivef9
pass: thekeys

as stated on the login page.