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FAO: Nigel Wood/Mand Beckett

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Registered: 05-04-2007

FAO: Nigel Wood/Mand Beckett

Sorry to bore the pants of y'all but as I appear to be being ignored elsewhere, this is the only place I could think of where I might get a bit of attention and service.

Extract from ticket No. 20152121 .....
link:CSA removed Unused - ADC - Developers 7:00pm, Saturday 26th August 2006

Dear Mr ******,
I'm adding this note to record our conversation this evening. We spoke about to problems your encountering:

1) That your default mailbox is unavailable to you. Mand (from comms) is already looking to this
2) That your about to be overcharged for you PAYG bandwidth because the website is not correctly recognising your bandwidth allowance.

We agreed that I'd investigate your mailbox issue and that I'd prevent you being billed whilst you CBC problem was investigated and corrected.
link:CSA removed

The CBC problem has been investigated and corrected, thanks.

However, after over 2 months, the default mailbox issue has still not been resolved.

Since I reported the problem initially, I've upgraded to a package (and paying more money) which is supposed to include full email facilities. Hello? I'm paying for something which I'm not receiving!

I opened a seperate ticket (20598994) about this on Sunday evening and it was passed on to Networks on Tuesday morning. Excuse me but there should have been no need to pass it on to Networks as it has been with them since late August and still without resolution! When is this issue going to be resolved? Is it ever going to be resolved?

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