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F9 customers Stand up and be counted!!


F9 customers Stand up and be counted!!

How hard would it be to make a ISP sit up a listen to its customers?

Since we have all be vicitim of the Email farce that has just gone on. Also the continuing saga of upgrades, dodgy traffic management and port throttling.
Cutting off services.

I am only one person, I am simply a statisic in their customer service figures.
I know most of you pay by direct debit, I suggest that we withhold the next direct debit payment to this company.

Example... 1 person £20
10 people £200
1000 people £20,000

the plus net group as a whole has 140,000 customers

We have to power to make them sit up a listen. Once the money stops flowing in, they will have to take action, they will have to listen!!! Why should the company have us over a barrel. It's time to take a stand!

People you have the power, you have their money now take control!!!

F9 customers Stand up and be counted!!

I agree with you in principle. In reality, as soon as the payment isn't received, you are cut off from the F9 service and are only able to access the payments page which is no use to man nor beast. With monies outstanding, you will not receive a MAC key and the only way to move to another ISP would be a cease/ reprovide which is a lot more expensive.

At the end of the day, it is heads F9 win, tails the customers lose!!


F9 customers Stand up and be counted!!

Was going to post, should we seek compensation.
From my limited knowledge of the sale of goods act we are paying for a service we are not recieving and as such are eligible for compensatory payments.
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F9 customers Stand up and be counted!!

You pay in advance, so do not lose anything. The only real way to be counted would be if everyone ordered their MAC codes at the same time. 140,000+ requests for MAC codes would make take notice.

F9 customers Stand up and be counted!!

i signed up for broadband phone 240 service and this does not work! when you dial the calls go though to voice mail instead of ringing my new 0845 number. They knew of the problem but still let me sign up and then told me about the problem!!!

it just gets worse. They are still not answering the premium rate number so no help in setting up the broadband phone service.

I got it working in the end and a member sent me a link on the ringing phone problem

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