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F9 and New Services


F9 and New Services

As many are aware f9 are looking at new services to offer, the latest was VOIP, and soon there will be video-streaming, especially as more and more companies now what to stream content via broadband.

With new media centres, rental shops can even send videos to watch via streaming them straight to your box via internet.

The problem is, how is this going to affect the consumer?

Will F9 increase the bandwidth to allow for this kind of stuff? They currently don't if you have signed up for VOIP, the usage comes out of your current allowance, which really should be kept seperate, especially seeing you paying another fee for it.

Or will we all be sat here with fast connections but daren't use it for it's supposed to be used for incase we use to much of the bandwidth.

It seems that as we're going forward, we're actually going backwards. For the type of traffic shaping going on, and the account managements, people may as well just use the plain old 56K modem.

Don't get me wrong I'm not against a fair usage policy, as long as it is fair and stays fair, but throttling someones connection so they paying for a BB service but only getting 56K speeds is beyond a joke.