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F.A.O. Support (ticket:20308853)


F.A.O. Support (ticket:20308853)

Hi, unfortunately one of your network team have closed the above ticket as resolved, the ticket isn't resolved and should not have been closed.

Can you reopen the ticket please, as I need to add a response to the question that was asked.


*** name removed *** IE - Network Support & Problems 10:46am, Tuesday 17th October 2006

Dear Mr Ferguson,
Your ticket has been handed to network operations, i have gone through your ticket and will report my findings below.

I have dj'd in the past and sympathise with your position. I have also seen your latest ticket regarding the mac key and agree - you have paid for a service you are not receiving. So lets sort this one out!

Initial investigations reveal that your streaming traffic has been classified as bit torrent traffic - that will be the reason you are having bandwidth squeezed.
Below are the net flows taken directly off our ellacoya switches -you are familiar with their use, definitely the future for isps. (I don't agree with this statement, it's causing more problems than its fixing)

permit tcp ip address removed:9031 dst
permit tcp ip address removed:9030 dst

The solution i would suggest would be to optimise a port for your personal use, i will create a DJ streaming appliction and traffic bundle. My question back to your self - can you change your streaming ports?
If you can change them i will get this sorted asap

If you cant change them, we may be in a bit of a predicament and i will need to consult with our ellacoya specialist. Port 9030 and 9031 are recognised as bit torrent ports and we may not be able to change then to a different queue.

Let me know your thoughts, please include any ports you may be possibly streaming on - that way you will have all the needed latency free streams available.

I hope this has been informative, apologise for not getting resolved sooner.


*** name removed ***
Network Operations

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F.A.O. Support (ticket:20308853)

Can you reopen the ticket please, as I need to add a response to the question that was asked

Unfortunately, the answer will be no.

Once closed, tickets can't be re-opened.

The best (only) course of action for you is to open another ticket, and reference the closed ticket within it.

A real pain I know, but thats the way they have the system set up.

F.A.O. Support (ticket:20308853)

Ticket 20511688 has been raised, can support have this passed over too the network chap thats dealing with it please.

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F.A.O. Support (ticket:20308853)

Hi there,

I have looked at the ticket in question and escalated it back to our Networks guys to have a look at.

You should hear from them shortly.


F.A.O. Support (ticket:20308853)

This ticket has been passed back to myself, but has no response from networks. I have added a response can this be passed back again, or updated with the response from networks please.