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F.A.O. Support - Network operator thanks


F.A.O. Support - Network operator thanks


I'm just wondering, does offer a commendation service for their staff?


I have to be honest and say, the gentleman from the network team that has taken ownership of my issue. Has supplied the best customer service that I have ever experienced from plusnet, he has gone over and above the standard support roll IMO & has even contacted me directly via email & the ticket system to try and resolve my streaming problem.

He has made some changes to my profile and for the first time in weeks, I was able to stream without any buffering at all (yet to be be tested mid afternoon/early evening but looks promising).

I would just like to make sure he gets the credit for the excellent customer service that he supplys.

This is how things should be done & you would have a lot more happier customers.

Please note, since he took the ticket, no one else has dealt with it, different level of service, same person responding all the time, happy customer Wink