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F.A.O. Comms Team - Assistance with ticket 19628131


F.A.O. Comms Team - Assistance with ticket 19628131

I registered a complaint on Friday ticket 19628131.

I received an email from plusnet on the 5th of June, confirming that my monthly subscription had been taken & successful. On the 15th of June, I received communication from my bank (online) that plusnet had requested payment from my account on the 15th.

As it was an automated debit card payment, my bank paid this. On the 15th the funds where not available to pay the amount, as a direct result my bank have charged me £30.00 for paying plusnet.

I have asked repeatedly in the ticket, for it to be escalated to a team or line manager & each CSC agents reads and responds without reading what has been said in the ticket. Several points and questions have been completely missed or ignored, can you please have this looked into please.

I have no confidence in your CSC agents to deal with any type of enquiry, I feel as though they lack the necessary training & have been put on a seat to answer a phone as quickly as possible. The number one priority appears to be get the customer of the phone/ticket as quickly as possible (even by hanging up on them which has happened before).

The worst level of customer service I have experienced & I thought three mobiles couldn't be beaten.

F.A.O. Comms Team - Assistance with ticket 19628131

Have you not been hit with

'plus net is not responsible for 3rd party costs'


F.A.O. Comms Team - Assistance with ticket 19628131

They have hit me with it can take 7 days, 20 days for the payment to come out of your account.

There (plusnets) records show payment requested & taken on the 5th, however the bank have no record of any payment being made on this date - they say plusnet did not take the payment until the 15th.

I believe the bank, as any debit card payment that is made, makes the funds unaccessible by myself - as someone (plusnet) has requested the payment.

The responses have been nothing short of abysmal, I'm sure I will get the "plusnet are not responsible for 3rd party costs" response soon though.


F.A.O. Comms Team - Assistance with ticket 19628131

Don't believe a word that comes from them. They once took money from my partners card without authorisation. I then challenged them and they said they would refund it. They then kept saying we've done it but I still had no refund. It took plus net nearly 4 months to refund £13 to my Partners card.

good luck

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F.A.O. Comms Team - Assistance with ticket 19628131

I've had a look at this for you, and so far the responses from the CSC agents have been exactly the same as those that I would have given myself regarding this. However, I have passed the ticket through internally so that our accounting team can take a look at the situation, as you're clearly not happy with the responses that you've been given so far.

F.A.O. Comms Team - Assistance with ticket 19628131

Thanks Jon, it's appreciated.

The reason I'm unhappy with the response, is the responses have been incorrect.

As soon as the dispute was passed and all relevant documentation supplied, it should have been passed to be investigated rather than have a customer get more infuriated with the handling of the ticket.

I'm sure you can appreciate, that no other disputes regarding payments have been raised before & that all other payments have been taken on the 6th of the month (evidence can be supplied if required) - indicating plsunet requested and collected at the same time.

All I want is the £30.00 bank charge covered, it's not a lot to ask.
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F.A.O. Comms Team - Assistance with ticket 19628131

In case you do end up having to foot the bank charge yourself, it is worth pushing back on the bank as £30 is clear profiteering. See



I remember reading that bank staff now have a limit up to which they waive or reduce charges

F.A.O. Comms Team - Assistance with ticket 19628131


Thanks for passing this too the accounts team, who resolved this in one response and offered an apology for the delay in applying for the payment.

Taken from ticket response

Sorry for the length of time this has taken to be resolved.

As you are aware we applied for the payment from your account on the 5th June as per the email you received, at this point we received the authorisation code for your payment. However due to a communications error between ourselves and our merchant we did not immediately apply for the funds from your account.

We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused and I have therefore refunded the bank charges to your account.

Rather than operators given bog standard responses which are incorrect, I suggest that errors of this kind are passed to the accounts team at 1st point of contact. To investigate & appease your customers rather than infuriate them, as all replies within the ticket where wrong, apart from the last 2 responses.