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Extremely unhappy with the service


Extremely unhappy with the service

We are a business that needs the internet to be able to function. We pay a Business rate for a business internet package. On normal ADSL was fine. We had no problems. And the internet just worked. This was several months ago.

Since being upgraded to ADSL max, its been nothing but a complete disaster for the company, When we first were upgraded the internet was very slow for 14 days, we were told that was normal, and to be honest we could live with that.

Then the connection speed went up however we were left with a much more serious problem, "constant disconnections". After much complaining to Force9 and seeming inaction we then had a disaster moment when we completely lost our internet connection for over a week, BT came out fixed it, we gained a window of stability for maybe 2 weeks? and we now have have massive problems again with internet disconnections.

This has been the worst service I have ever experienced with anything thats a subscription service. Since ADSL max was activated on our line we have had nothing but problems that affect us, and this has been going on for months. We are constantly told by customer service that it will be fixed, We now have interleaving on but to no effect. And i know exactly what will happen if i call "sorry all we can do is pass this on to BT and wait for them"

We are waiting to see how long this takes to resolve and have decided that as a company we can not afford this anymore if we do not get a resolution asap. If if was possible we would sue Force9 for loss of income and provision of a service thats not fit for purpose. But thats not going to happen.

So if this next "repair" does not fix the problem we will instead move to BT where at least we are getting the service directly from them so if it goes wrong at least may be able to get them to fix it faster.
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Extremely unhappy with the service

If you need ADSL for your business then you should get a second connection with a different vendor through a different line.

I work for a business that similarly needs a connection and we maintain three. We monitor estates of systems, mostly connected by ADSL and loss of service for extended period of times is common i.e. on an estate with 30 sites it is not uncommon for 2 or 3 to be out at any one time.

regards, Ian

Extremely unhappy with the service

BT have held back upgrading the broadband connection for a long time. they now have just decided to allow this to happen. i use to work for a company who uses force9 and there connection was recently updated aswell. as i was a tech support guy they cept asking why the internet was always on the blink and to be honest its because of BT. they now have to shunt (using my old area as an example) over 500 broadband connections through like 50+ optical cables.

while BT do road works adding more lines to the connection you should expect more of these dissconnections because of the over useage on the lines that cant cope with the amount of people connecting to the internet. so really its all up to BT to get things moving.

Extremely unhappy with the service

Alot of the systems we use are fixed IP dependent, I think the main problem im finding is the amount of time it takes from reporting an error to it being escalated to BT.

For instance if i had a problem now, i would send a ticket, that may not be replied to for a few days, then force9 would do their tests, trying to get through by phone would be preferable but then sometimes its impossible to get though. But it can easily be a week before BT are told to fix it, and even then its takes a few days for them to act. Alternativly I could change the system to the BT package where i also get a fault package where they will act within 48hours or whatever is paid for.

My aim is to move the domain to a web hosting company, then use the MX records to redirect to our email server.

Unfortunatly I can see why many companies go with BT, force9 don't have access to the infrastructure. And with the ADSL max upgrades that is what is going wrong.
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Extremely unhappy with the service


I'm sorry to hear about the problems you've had with Max. Unfortunately you aren't the only one which is one of the reasons behind the difficulties you've had contacting us.

I've just had a quick look at your account and it looks like the connection seems to be more stable now from the logs, are you seeing the same?

I should note though that whilst BT Retail may offer an enhanced care package they don't have any extra access to the broadband infrastructure. The enhanced care package is a service that is offered by BT Wholesale to all ISP's. We have looked at adding it as a feature in the past, but there's been little demand based on the cost when we've looked into it. Maybe we can re-look into this, but do let me know if the connection's still a problem and I'll make sure that it's escalated up the chain.