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External Usenet Providers

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External Usenet Providers

anyone got any preferences on here? Am I right in thinking Easynews doesn't require a newsreader? (how does that work?)

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External Usenet Providers

I use Giganews and find them to be very reliable - that is when Plusnet allows me to download anything from them!!. I use Agent and BNR3 for newsreaders. (You can use windows scheduler with BNR3 for after midnight downloads)
Sorry no info on Easynews.

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External Usenet Providers


Plan          Price        Downloads  Rate Limit  Connections

Unlimited Plans
Unlimited $10/Month Unlimited 1 Mbit/s 4
Unlimited DSL $15/Month Unlimited Unlimited 4

Pay-by-Download Plans
25 GB $10 Once-Off 25 GB Unlimited Unlimited
65 GB $25 Once-Off 65 GB Unlimited Unlimited
280 GB $100 Once-Off 280 GB Unlimited Unlimited

Headers are not counted in the pay-by-download plans & there is no time limit on using the allowance. They were running a special offer where the 65GB plan was given a 25GB free bonus - this may still be on.
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External Usenet Providers

Yup. Astraweb is great if you don't want to pay a subscription

I occasionaly pay the $3/month for 1.5Gb from Shemes as that includes Grabit Search (which saves downloading headers). Well, only when I use up my daily free searches trying to find the previous night's L***.

External Usenet Providers

I have used usenetserver and newshosting. I am currently using newshosting and the service has been excellent. Very good retention and speed. They also allow the use of other ports and support webnews which is useful to me. The unlimited is only $15 a month.