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Explanation for never ending maxDSL disconnections?

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Registered: 30-07-2007

Explanation for never ending maxDSL disconnections?

Found this in a message posted by Ian Willmore of Nildram at:

To quote:

The article is somewhat misleading in that is leads people to believe that there is a problem with the bulk migrations tool. During a max product conference call with BTw today they have assured us that the reason has nothing to do with the tool but it is in fact with one part of the service.

What seems like a good step in the right direction BTw has now admitted that there is a problem with constant disconnections. They have not been specific about the extent of the problem and have been adamant that it only affects a small number of lines.

From their explanation the problem appears to be caused after lines are allocated the MSR and FTR, if at that point the router tries to sync at a certain speed and that speed is less than the FTR the Max logic does not allow sync to take place. The router will then try again, and the sync process happens over and over again.

They have said that all the traffic generated by the data created by these events being sent between the DLSAM's and the RAMBO systems is causing other problems with their system. So the intention was to stop further Bulk Migrations for 2 weeks while they try and rectify this problem and not adding to the current problem.

I would like to add that BTw have made it clear that they are constantly looking to further develop the Max product and continue to fix problems that have only become evident in the large scale role out. Nildram are confident in this commitment from BTw and we will continue to work closely with them taking your valuable feedback via the forums and our support desk to BTw so we can make the overall customer experience a better one.

This could be the explanation for the problems many of us have had recently, 18 days of frustration so far in my case.

Alex Balfour