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Explain traffic shaping


Explain traffic shaping


I signed up in September for Small Business 2MB ( this is now called Small Business Upto 8MB Premier).

When I signed up, there was no mention of traffic shaping, I now find that FTP/Usnet is a lower priority service (although can't quanity what that means).

When did introduce this traffic shaping? I can understand P2P and to some extent usenet, but FTP is part of my job, I've got a small business account to reflect my higher needs.

This must be basis for early termination of my contract?

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Explain traffic shaping

I didn't think Small Business accounts where Traffic Shaped, although I am open to correction. All accounts are prioritied though. This means that when the network is busy some types of traffic is slowed down to make space for higher priority traffic. This has the effect that ftp and usenet will be slower than http and email and such like at peak times.

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Explain traffic shaping

its a good point thouh. maybe on business accounts ftp should be put up as a higer priorty.

the traffic shaping has been around over 6months now.

your contact has in it always had the fair usage policy. meaning traffic shaping can be enforced without having to get a op out to every customers contact.